Find the Facts before hiring your next Electrician




What you need to know when hiring a Electrician for your home or business.


Need to hire a Electrician get some helpful Facts here.

This three item check list can save you alot of time and money when hiring your next ELECTRICIAN! 


        Need to hire an Electrician for work at your home or business? Being involved in the Electrical Industry I continually here horror stories of Customers getting burned from unlicensed Electricians. It starts out looking like a great deal but slowly turns into huge regret. Sometimes people know that their Electrician is unlicensed and they just don't care or do not understand the risks involved. Other times these unlicensed Electricians portray themselves as licensed Electricians. Either way it is the Property owner's responsibility to make sure their Electrician is licensed and insured.   

        Why it is important to hire licensed and Insured Electricians. There is no other reason than to protect yourself from being 100% responsible for damage to life or property. Unlicensed Electricians cannot get the proper insurances such as general liability and Workers comp. That means if your Unlicensed Electrician or someone they hire gets hurt they can sue you for their injuries. The fact is The State, Counties and Cities require Licenses and Insurance to protect its Businesses and residences for this very reason.     

       Why the cheapest price is usually not the best price. Unlicensed Electricians can advertise ridiculously low prices because they are not following the rules that protect all parties involved. Having all the facts upfront can really help you make a good educated decision in selecting a Competitent Electrician. In this case the Advertised price is usually not the final price you will pay.

       For example:  Hiring a unlicensed Electrician that was cheaper than the other Licensed & Insured Electrician seemed like a good economical decision. Then when the electrician had to pull a permit they were gone and left them with a job done incorrectly. Now they ended up paying twice as much as they should have because they did not hire a Licensed & Insured Electrician in the first place. The bottom line is if you hire an Electrician that does not have the proper credentials you are 100% responsible for any problems that occur while they work in your establishment. You also have no legal recourse in recovering your losses.


     Now most unlicensed Electricians don't tell you they are unlicensed. They usually side step the question or tell you they are a Licensed Electrician and that should be good enough because someone performing unlicensed work wouldn't lie right.... We all know that is not the case. So with the information I give you below you can make sure you never become a victim to an unlicensed Electrician.

1. The first thing you need to check is their license status. To do this you can do a search using their Company Name, License number, or Qualifiers Name You can do the Search Contractor License Check for your State listed in right side bar.

2. The second thing you need to check is their general liability insurance status. All Electricians that are Licensed Contractors are required to carry general liability insurance by law that protects its customers when damage occurs due to accidents, faulty wiring, equipment etc. Hiring an uninsured Electrician will leave you 100% responsible in the case something goes wrong. Your new electrician should be able to provide you with a Name of their Insurance Company their policy number and phone number to contact them. You could also ask for a fax or email copy of this coverage.

3. The third thing you need to check is their workers comp status. All Electrical Contractors are required to carry Workers compensation insurance which protects the customer from being sued for injuries to workers on your property.

If you follow these three rules listed above when hiring an Electrician you might not get the best price upfront but you will pay a lot less in the end.

      I know you will have success using these guidelines in hiring your next Electrician dont forget to take advantage of the Contractor license look up to the right

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